V-Juice Sponsors Upcoming Formula 3 Talent

V-Juice are proud to announce their sponsorship of upcoming Formula 3 driver Max Fewtrell Team Fewtrell (as part of Tech 1 Racing)  have progressed through the racing ranks over the past 2 years. Max was previously crowned the British FIA Formula 4 Champion claiming 358 points across the seasons 30 races. Tech 1 currently has 3 of its drivers in the top 6.

V-Juice CEO John Ondreasz commented:

‘We are incredibly proud to sponsor the future champions of the Formula 1 Circuit. We are fortunate enough to be a major brand in a position do this. Max Fewtrell is one of the most talented drivers on the current Formula 3 Circuit. Watch this space.’

Now  in the Formula 3 realms, Max continues to progress, with his latest Silverstone event in the summer of 2017 seeing him move on the grid from 10th to 4th position.

The season will continue across the remainder of 2017 and into 2018 and the Vjuice brand will continue to be seen (albeit in a 160mph blur) across his Tech 1 F3 in-line vehicle, that are often regarded as the vehicle of choice when budding hopefulls make the progression to Formula 1.

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